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Monday, October 02, 2006


Film / Text
A rare experimental screening / performance
4 artists explore Identity: Gad Hollander, Michael Horovitz, Mahmood Jamal, Malgorzata Kitowski

Friday October 6th, 8pm
The Artworkers Guild, Bloomsbury
(part of National Poetry Week 2006)

Gad Hollander: “My writing aspires towards the inarticulateness of music & silent film; whereas my films strive to articulate my writing, often in the form of on-screen text or voice-over. Having said that, I don't think I'm best placed to describe my own work. I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm guided by my ear & my eye, and what I know about it comes after the fact, from the work itself. The exception to that rule is that I eschew any political overtness in my work.”

Poetry Olympics torchbearer Michael Horovitz will perform excerpts from A New Waste Land (New Departures #23-24), and present footage of his William Blake Klezmatrix band, featuring songs, verse & music by Shakespeare, Blake, Annie Whitehead, Pete Lemer, Horovitz, & their fellow jazz & blues troubadours. Music / text / identity.

Mahmood Jamal´s work speaks of division and its consequences. His visualised poems include Nostalgia, a piece examining identity. Information about his latest book.

Malgorzata Kitowski, author of Doppelgangers, will screen a selection of cut-up poems turned into films, and read text from Nuggets, a sequence about synchronicity. Her work looks at the ineffable and the point where language fails – how do we use language to construct identity, and how can we communicate the incommunicable, short of resorting to telepathy?

The Artworkers Guild, 6 Queen Square , Bloomsbury, London .
Tubes: Holborn / Russell Square .

Tickets £8. Seating is very limited and expected to sell out quickly so please reserve in advance by emailing INFO@POETRYFILM.ORG

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