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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Life @ Cardinal Place

This is one of the cheery scenes @ Cardinal Place (a trendy re-developed area of London's Victoria which has seen a wide range of shops and eateries opening up smack in the middle of sober office buildings, transforming workers' lunchtimes) in the summer. These 2 donned the 'shop' and 'go' bag and signal and pranced about, to onlookers' amusement.

One morning in September, I was coming out of Benjy's with my freshly purchased coffee when I heard loud Rock music blaring from the direction of Cardinal place. So I went to have a look. The main walkway had been transformed into a catwalk, with Cardinal Place's green glass sculpture as the backdrop. There were stage lights hanging overhead, stage directors and other fashion people. And of course, the models were strutting their stuff, including children. Naturally, there were cameras about. So I put my coffee to one side and grabbed my camera for some of the action, too.

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