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Friday, November 24, 2006


Uduak Isong is a writer you'll definitely be hearing more of in times to come. She is one of the winners of this year's Commonwealth Short Story Competition. Isong made the grade with her short story, Dangling Modifier. She is joined in the 'Highly Commended' category by 2 other Nigerians, Uche Peter Umez (for Smoldered) and Folake Emem-Akpan (for The Deceivers). Canadian Erin Soros was the overall winner.

In other news, Nigerian Chika Maureen Ukaigwe is the second placed winner of the 2006 BBC African Performance playwriting competition. Once Upon a Time in Lagos, by Ghanaian Efo Kodjo Mawugbe is joint third winning story.

Winner of the competition is Kenyan John Rigoiyo Gichuki who entered under a name the organisers original thought was Ghanaian. The competition news bafflingly refered to Gichuki's choice as having "entered under a false name!" Exclamation theirs, but I'm surprised. Have they never heard of a pseudonym in writing?


Anonymous said...

Your site is ever informative. Kudos to you and the Nigerians that are making us proud.

Wordsbody said...

Thanks for the kind words, 'Anonymous'. We aim to please;-)

Anonymous said...

C J Onyia is also a Nigerian living in UK. You missed this writer out in the well deserved accolades

Carol said...

I was captivated by the sad yet beautiful story, Dangling Modifier by Uduak Isong. Uduak your writing spoke to me.

I would love to read or listen to the story again and any other stories. Can anyone can put me in touch with Uduak?

New Zealand

Anonymous said...

I am a Barbadian listener based in Barbados and I first heard an excerpt from Uduak Isong's "Dangling Modifier" on the BBC's online program Network Africa several months ago. I found the short piece so hilariously entertaining and captivating that I have never forgotten the title and since that day I always break out in loud laughs every time I think of the words "Dangling Modifier". Try as hard as I could to find the full version of that short story, I am yet to come across it. Such a great pity that the stories which win awards are not published online for the enjoyment of readers.

Thanks Uduak, wherever you are.