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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Political Circus

Saturday 10th February, and I went along to this media event where London-based Naija journos got to put questions to Governor Orji Kalu of Abia State who fancies a shot at the Nigerian presidency in the April poll on the PPA ticket. Some of us media people are lined up in the black & white pic below (the 2 ladies at the ends of the line-up aren't journos; they're organising 'Nigeria's Next Top Model' in the UK. You mean like the Tyra Banks thing? I asked. No, it will be a one night thing. Does the lady get to become a model though? I enquired further. They said: yes). Heading there on the day, I suddenly remembered I'd written a less than complimentary piece about the Governor back in 2003. Sometimes I thank God for the refuge of the arts. Politics is so much more cut-throat, whereas one can still be as political as hell with art. And I asked myself on the day: flirting with politics here? Well, maybe just for one day. Oh, alright then...
In the photos above, I was more interested in the industry of the modest media event - the setting up of the shots, the milling around of people, and the recording later at BEN TV - see Gov. Kalu below with television presenter Adora, and BEN's top man Alastair Soyode.

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