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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chimamanda on Richard & Judy

Apologies, gentle blog readers, for my having been away. I've startled myself awake to catch Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Channel 4's Richard & Judy earlier today - the author made me watch the show for the first time in eons - and the feature was a sumptuous affair. To compensate for my having been away, here's a pictorial of the impossibly photo/telegenic author of Half of a Yellow Sun.
- Wordsbody.

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David Arinzechi said...

The Nigerian Civil War poses critical but crutial questions on the possibilities of mutual co-existence of a people who had just gained independence about six years before; faced by myriads of problems typically geographical,tribal, language...differences.

In the light of this there were abberrations in respect for fundamental rights: the marginalized felt that they had to stay on their own - agreement at Aburi fell apart and could not hold, paving way to disorder, war and anarchy.

Though the novel was an attempt, Chimamanda portrayed clearly the evil man had for man which still shows up in contemporary times!