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Monday, April 23, 2007

'Art is Important'

Nigeria has been at the polls and we look anxiously on. I've had so many worrying sms messages from Lagos and Ibadan in the last week, and one can only read and sigh - or shake one's head in quiet amazement at some of the unbelievable goings on. Many bloggers have filed in post after post on the elections, one of whom is Sokari Ekine of the Blacklooks blog. She has a list of the bloggers who have posted on the Nigerian elections here. These bloggers are doing a wonderful job of bringing the Nigerian polls to the blogsphere. Wordsbody will keep up the loose focus here, on the arts, because as Nicole Kidman once declared and I agree, "Art is Important".
Above is a newspaper cutout (Metro, 22nd February) that I've been meaning to post. Just as well, that the 'Africa on Trial' headline should be blogged during the aforementioned elections... Metro included Abderrahmane Sissako's film, Bamako, on its list of films Londoners must see. But something struck me. Africa on Trial's accompanying text reinforces the misrepresentation of the header. No mention of the fact that it is actually the West and her financial institutions that go on trial in the movie. An indication, perhaps, of the West's inherent unease with the message of Bamako.

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Suyi said...

Ahh wordsbody and her erratic posting schedule... could I get a link to your regular column in "a Nigerian newspaper"?

Still waiting for the Bamako DVD release (French is out, UK Amazon says June 25th, doesn't seem to be happening in the US) as I've resigned myself to the fact that it's not coming to a screen near me.

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