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Monday, April 23, 2007

Naija Takeaway

On March 31st, something or other prevented me getting my copy of The Guardian on Saturday, without which no weekend is complete. All was back to normal the following Saturday (7 April) however, and I found that the covergirl for the Weekend Magazine section for the 31st had in fact been Camilla Parker-Bowles, recently restyled and 'refurbished' as the Duchess of Cornwall - someone I never thought I'd have to mention on this blog. Call me a Diana freak, but I don't like the sight of Camilla. Certainly not my idea of a covergirl, so I was suddenly glad I'd missed out on The Guardian of the 31st.
And the Magazine section of April 7 was a delight (from the Reader's Letters page - where they usually write in on the previous week's content - it was evident most Guardian readers had chosen to ignore Camilla too, and talk about other things), and the Weekend magazine served up a mouth watering array of UK Takeaways - foods from different parts of the world. I kept flipping through the pages thinking: Where is Nigeria?

Nigeria was on page 42 (see pic), and the restaurant was well chosen. Though I haven't eaten out much at Nigerian restaurants in recent years, there is no denying the choice is wider than ever, with several popular places in my corner of London alone. Obalende Suya, situated at a well trodden spot in Kingsland Road, Dalston is one of the pioneers. Everyone's been there before at some time or other. According to The Guardian, Obalende Suya still comes highly recommended, and in this edition, the proprietor,
Toks Odebunmi, gets a page to talk about his eatery. A Goat Suya, we are told, will set you back £5.98, which by UK standards isn't bad.

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