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Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Reads

In Adetokunbo Abiola's 'Late Repentance', Thomas decides that he loves the girlfriend he once discarded after all. So he goes in looking for her...

Big gates screened Patience's house from where he parked on Oziegbe Street. He remembered that last year when he called the ground in front of the one storey building stretched to the road. Trees and a lawn sprawled round the compound when he left the car and stood by the gate. He noted that previously dirt surrounded the building, rubbish littered the steps. New sheets roofed the building when he walked by the lawn, fresh paint scented into his nostrils when he approached the house. He recalled that last year rusted sheets roofed it and it smelt of cassava, fried eggs, and dust. But the greatest change he found was not the gate, trees and paint: Patience and her family had packed out.

Will he succeed? Read on.

~ * ~ * ~

And Tolu Ogunlesi's 'The Woman Whose Eyes Were Dry' is published in the Arabesques Review.

Simbi’s husband and first son were dead, but she didn’t cry for them. Grief evaded her eyes, her heart, disguised past the checkpoints of her soul. It didn’t take very long for the news to spread around town. That there existed a widow who hadn’t cried since the moment her husband and only son passed away.

Strange... Read on.

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