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Monday, May 14, 2007

Word from the Mutha

Word From Africa - a London-wide celebration of the languages of Africa - takes place @ various venues between 2 - 10 June. There's some 2000 languages spoken on the African continent apparently (I'd hazard there's more). But don't worry if you don't speak 1, 2 or more of these languages. All are encouraged to come along anyway, because events will be in English or in translation or with commentary.

As for Music, organisers are confident it won't need translating.

Word from Africa kicks off with a full day of free events @ the British Museum on 2nd June.

And so on and so forth. Lots more writers & artists including Wangui Wa Goro & Blessing Musariri.

More information on Africa Beyond.


Refinedone said...

Love your blog...never left a comment,but just had to this time.
Thanks for the information...i think i'll have to take the kids out of school to experience this together( British Museum on the 2nd it's part of there education too)

...don't you think? :)

Wordsbody said...

Hi Refinedone,

Thanks for finally leaving a message;-) Yeah, come along with your kids. I'll be bringing mine on the 2nd, too.


Anonymous said...

You might also want to know that Valerie Tagwira's blog is accessible at http://valerietagwira.wordpress.com/.