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Monday, June 25, 2007

Million Writers Vote

EC Osondu in Million Writers' Vote

Caine Short-listed E.C Osondu - is the only African writer left in the final shortlist of 10, for the 2007 Million Writers Award. Osondu is on the list for his short story, A Letter From Home.

The search/vote is under way to find the best Online short story. Voting continues till June 30.

Vote here.

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Anonymous said...

I have a website devoted to special interest topics that is not relevant here. However, at the site I write literary reviews as a hobby, and I have recently reviewed this piece.

If anyone should be interested in reading my review of Mr. Osondu's "A Letter from Home," please click the button link' "Literary Reviews" on the left of the Welcome Page. It currently has a red star next to it, indicating my latest update.

Since I have written the review, I have finished reading all the finalists in the 2006 Million Writers Award. I can now state that I have voted for Mr. Osondu's piece as my choice. He is a most talented and promising writer, and I wish him every continued success both with the award, and with his career.

Here is the URL:


Thank you.

Don Schneider