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Monday, September 03, 2007


In anticipation of the eagerly awaited second issue of African Writing, here's a little retropective of its debut - the publication's report of Monica Arac de Nyeko's Caine Prize win back in July.


Anonymous said...

will try to stop using the word 'Treat" when refering to your blog..dunno how (or why) tho'... loooove your writing. Love the offerings...Zora Neale H!! mein gott. Thanks v. much Molara. seen you in farafina too. Periphirally, your life (what i know of it purely from "Worsbody", makes me imagine how mine might have been, had i not made the life choices i did., Rock on Sista..and more power to ya..

Wordsbody said...


Thanks for the generous comment. Things ain't always golden though; and I sometimes wonder how things might have been on this end too, if one had not made certain life choices...

Will endeavour to 'rock on'.