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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blood in the streets?

I am currently reading Biyi Bandele's novel, 'Burma Boy'. I asked my son to fetch me the book from the room some days ago and the child corrected my pronounciation. "BURMA - it's got an 'R' in it!" Insult upon injury, I thought as I rolled my eyes at him...

But seriously, these peaceful Burmese monks marching in their thousands for 7 days now in defiance of a repressive military regime - have given me my greatest inspiration this year. Herein lies my image of 2007. I keep looking at this river of red and I think of poppies. Or blood. A river of blood? The military junta has imposed a curfew and banned gatherings of more than 5 people. What happens now? Will the blood of revered monks be shed? Will this red river of humanity turn into blood?

"You can't have a massacre on YouTube" - said Tim Marshall on Sky News tonight.

Or can you?


Anonymous said...

See this:


Latest on the Burma standoff

Waffarian said...

I've been watching with fear.

Wordsbody said...

Yes, Waffarian. Watching the crushing of hope. And the mystery of the half a million disappearing monks in saffron robes.