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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Like Whoa!

And why is this a photo moment, you ask? Well, because you don't see this in London every day, that's why. Feet were the only things that could get you through this side of the Neasden Underpass, just off the A406, on Saturday 1st December. The truck had overturned, blocking this direction of the road. Traffic was murder. Standstill. But that wasn't the half of it. The truck was carrying tons of rubbish and tipped the stinker-load onto the road. They had to bring in a couple more vehicles to clear the rubbish off the road. Like a dirty scene in 'Bob the Builder'. Such an unusual sight, I wasn't the only one who stopped to take photographs. When I passed by some three hours later, everything had been cleared away. Like it never happened. If Nigeria were this efficient, I allowed myself to think, for a moment.


Frank Partisan said...

Not a Nigeria moment.

OT: You must see this movie.

Anonymous said...

Nigeria will get there, someday. In the days of Governor Duke in cross river, thats the way it was.
That's all it will take, a few good men.