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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pearshaped Blogosphere

Some friends say Let us blog,
we’ll call it Kenyablog.
They blog and blog and blog.
A member posts
This blog is tedious,
I’m gonna form a blog,
a blog called Lakeyblog
where Lakey types can blog.
The rump of Kenyablog
rename themselves TheHighlandblog
and blog about the soil,
quite unaware that other Forestbloggers
formed another blog in which
the self-same soil is blogged about.
Now keen to keep the secrecy of blog,
the lively Lakeybloggers
shift to write in bubbles
while TheHighlandbloggers
only write in cones,
a sort of hieroglyphic oath,
each to his own, each to his
non-discursive moans
until the bubbles burst with anger
and the cones erupt with hate
and all are blogging-blogging-blogging,
typing keyboards with our pangas
blogging Highlandbloggers suck
and blogging Lakeybloggers blow
and blogging Forestblogger mothers are all hoes,
now blogging rumour blogging anger
blogging gossip blogging rancour.
Local fissures rip the WorldWideWeb
as bloggers blog their cyberfoes to death.

Stephen Derwent Partington
Kenya, February 2008

  • Used with permission