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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dayo Forster on 'Reading the Ceiling'

Dayo Forster discusses her novel, Reading the Ceiling, in an interview with me
"The first goal in writing is a readable story that the reader can be immersed in. That’s what I like about a book: you can lose yourself in it. I also wanted to experiment – that’s why I pursued the three lives idea for Ayodele. I wanted to convey the idea that in life, there are choices. The experiment kept me going. What will filter through is a very Krio way of growing up. It was written out of nostalgia – I hadn’t been to The Gambia since the age of 18. As for messages, I didn’t think it was my role to do that. My role was to explore a world, in the hope that the mystery would be transmitted to the reader."

Author's image: MW

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