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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Art Expo - Lagos

Nike Davies Okundaye (left) of the Nike Art Gallery at the Art Expo Nigeria 2008

Not many places you could catch these 3 in one shot: Jahman Anikulapo (Editor of The Guardian on Sunday, Lagos), Kaye Whiteman (former editor of West Africa Magazine; he's writing a much awaited book on Lagos) and artist Nike Davies Okundaye.

Kaye Whiteman, Mudiare Onobrakpeya and Nike Davies Okundaye

Mudiare Onobrakpeya being interviewed.

Artist Bola Oyetunji of Baroyet Copper Art Gallery surrounded by her works at the Art Expo.

  • Images by MW - Lagos 31st August 2008


Mudiare Onobrakpeya said...

The Nigerian Art expo was a huge success with no less than 2500 visitors over a 5 day period.
It is hoped that this Expo will be an annual,organized by the art Galleries Association of Nigeria (AGAN).
Many thanks to Molara wood for capturing some of the exciting moments on photo

Mudiare Onobrakpeya
External Relations (AGAN

Wordsbody said...

Mudiare O:

We aim to please. Thanks for stopping by.