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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fidelity Bank gets catty with Adichie

Here's Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie caught in Ooops-like mode at the Farafina literary evening at the Civic Centre in Lagos on May 29.

Adichie, who's made the New Yorker's list of 20 writers under 40 (no surprise) could have responded with 'No, they didnt!' if shown Fidelity Bank's recent press release announcing their 2010 workshop, taking place in an unspecified serene location in Abuja, commencing July 18. The Fidelity Workshop is to be led by Helon Habila who the bank says is "a more rounded" choice for them.

The question then follows: 'a more rounded choice' than who, exactly? Adichie? Is this an 'Ouch' moment?

Once upon a time, Adichie started a workshop to bring new Nigerian writers to the fore, and got Fidelity Bank to sponsor it. She starred in many a full page advert for the bank. Now she's moved the workshop to the Farafina Trust, with sponsorship by Nigerian Breweries, and it seems Fidelity Bank is sour. So, they rebrand her workshop as theirs and sign Habila on board.

One more writing workshop in Nigeria is to be welcomed, especially with the involvement of Habila, who has not been seen to be a major champion of up-coming Nigerian writers. But did Fidelity really have to get so personal in their press release?
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Rayo said...

i really do wonder why they got personal too, especially seeing as she seemed to 'dump' them first.

there's room enough for more than one workshop and i just like the added developmentthis means for aspiring writers

Anonymous said...

Even you did go personal on Habila with this post.