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Monday, August 14, 2006

Bunmi Oyinsan Reads

Glendora Readings
Bunmi Oyinsan

Born in Lagos and raised in Port Harcourt, Bunmi Oyinsan's first novel, Silhouette was adapted in a 26-episode serial on Nigerian television. She is the author of Fabulous Four and Halima both of which have been literature texts in Nigerian schools. She has also worked as a scriptwriter and film producer. Her works for television include Owuro Lojo, Golden Cage, We The People & Aditulaye-Toyosi.

Based in Canada, Bunmi Oyinsan appears at The Jazzhole, to discuss her new book, Three Women, as well as life, work, career as a writer, filmmaker and African literature, womanist and feminist literary conciousness as a whole.

Venue: Jazzhole, 18 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos
Date: Thursday 17 August 2006
Time: 5 - 7pm


the flying monkeys said...

Wow! A new look for your blog. And a new name too. This is very nice. Is that you in the photo below, next to Steve Ayorinde? What a beauty you are. Such luck to have been blessed with both: intelligence and beauty. Whoooo

btw: Bunmi Oyinsan work is impressive, have seen some of it.

Wordsbody said...

I don't look anywhere as nice, you know? I only publish the ones where the light falls on me in an agreeable way;-)


Wall-hey Show'yin-car said...

Bunmi Oyinsan's work truly is impressive. Ive been a fan from back in the day. Her movie, Owuro Lojo was a classic

Anonymous said...

Came across your 3 books through a friend in London.What a gifted writer .I am very impressed.I see you winning laurels!