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Monday, October 23, 2006

Diwali Goodness

It's Diwali time. Diwali is the Hindu New Year, and where I live, fireworks have been lighting up the night sky in celebration for several days now. Seduced by the specta
cular show, I watched from my balcony till late; at some point giving in to my sons request that they go and observe from close quarters in a neighbouring garden. That was two nights ago (rain probably scuppered any chance of fireworks last night). Then yesterday, my favourite and nicest neighbour - the Indian lady downstairs - made me feel like I was back in Nigeria where neighbours will send food round on special occasions. She sent her son to give me these Diwali specials, known as Fah-fah (don't know if I've got the name right). It was quite a touching gesture for me and a first, because in all my years in this country, no neighbour had ever done anything like that. I managed to keep my 8-year-old's hands off the 'colourful and starry crisps' long enough to photograph them. They've since disappeared down our bellies, but from these pictures, I'd say Fah-fah look as sweet as they taste. And now, I must share these photos with the lady downstairs.

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