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Monday, October 23, 2006


Press Release - Cassava Republic Press Writer’sWorkshop

Workshop Title: Techniques to Develop Your Writing Style.
Cassava Republic is holding an intensive 2 dayswriting workshop. If you dream of being a writer, thisworkshop is for you. Selection is by competition: submit 3 to 5 pages of your best story. The writersof the best 15 short stories will be accepted for the programme.

Contents of the course:
  • Developing your writing style:
  • Developing a passion for writing
  • Where do stories and ideas come from?
  • What is writing style?
  • An Introduction to Point of View (POV)
  • Who’s telling the story; the writer or the character?
  • Developing your unique POV

  • Developing your writing technique
  • Creating great structure in books, films and articles
  • How to show not tell a story
  • How to create and develop memorable dialogue
  • Characterisation: making your characters live
  • Weaving themes and issues in your books, films andarticles
  • Knowing your audience

Biography of the workshop leader: Abidemi Sanusi was born in Nigeria but she lives inthe UK. Her first book, Kemi's Journal was published in 2005. She has just completed its sequel Zack Story and another novel God Has Daughters Too. Abidemi is akeen runner and devotional writer for Inspiring WomenEveryday published by CWR and Day by Day with Godpublished by the Bible Reading Fellowship. Abidemi is the editor of www.christianwriter .co.uk and thedirector of the Levite Scribe, a writing servicescompany. The Levite Scribe runs creative writingcourses.

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