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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chika Unigwe... Litfest, New Read

Chika Unigwe joins other African writers including Ngugi Wa Thiong'o, Tsitsi Dangambga, Doreen Baingana, 2006 Caine Winner Mary Watson and many others - at this year's Time of the Writer Festival. The festival on in South Africa from March 19 - 24.
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Staying with Chika Unigwe, this week's new read is from her pen. In Efe, a young woman discovers the downside to dallying with an older man - the hard way. Here's an excerpt...
Efe was 16 when she discovered sex at the back of her father’s house. That first experience was nothing to write home about. She had no notion of what to expect, yet she had not thought it would be this lackluster. She felt somewhat cheated, like a child who had been given a coin that ought to be all shiny, but had turned out instead to be black with rust. She remembered nothing but a wish that it would not last too long and that the pain between her legs would be very well compensated for. The man who held her buttocks tight and swayed and moaned and was responsible for all that pain was 45. He was old. Experienced. But most importantly, he had money that was rumored to be endless. He had promised Efe new clothes. New shoes. Heaven. Earth. And everything else she fancied between the two as long as she let him have his way. “Jus’ tell me wetin you wan’, I go give you. I swear! You don’ turn my head, dey make me like man wey don drink too much kai kai. I go do anytin’ for you. Anytin’!”

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