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Sunday, April 29, 2007

October Gallery

Here's artist Owusu-Ankomah, photographed by me at the opening of the From Courage to Freedom exhibition. The exhibition is extended till the 12th of May @ The October Gallery, London.
The October Gallery hosts Imprint on Lagos - a Bukka Event - on 19th May. An illustrated talk on the effects of the abolition of slavery a modern African metropolis, speakers include Kaye Whiteman (editor of the defunct West Africa Magazine; he is writing a book on Lagos), Giles Omezi & Sola Ogunbanjo, Director, Bukka Research.

  • Time of the Bukka Talk is 3 - 6pm on Saturday 19 May 2007.
  • Artist Siobhan Lennon (top right) beside an El Anatsui bottletop cloth.
  • I thought Dominique Eyoun (a Paris-based Cameroonian) - on the right - was a moving piece of art in herself. She happily posed for my camera.
  • Pics taken at the October Gallery, 21 February 2007 - by MW.

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appreciatin' said...

The lady with the green headscarf looks good.