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Monday, May 14, 2007

Chima Ubani Pics

Photos long overdue for posting, from an event from almost 2 months ago. 17th March, to be exact. These are some of the friends and associates of Chima Ubani, who gathered to pay tributes to the life and work of the late civil rights activist, Chima Ubani. See Eki Gbinigie's report of the event - and mine.
  • Top Pics - Wearing the hat, is Dr. Abayomi Ferreira of the Democratic Alternative (DA);
  • a member of 'Friends of Africa' who organised the event, poses between Ferreira & Baba Omojola of the Campaign for Democracy (CD) - both organisations were at the forefront of the struggle against military dictatorship in the 90s. The late Ubani worked with both organisations.
  • In the denim jacket is Tokunbo Oke who raised laughs by recalling that Ferreira had him expelled from the Nigerian Labour Party in 1989 for Trotskyism. Oke said only Chima Ubani could bring "two giants of Nigerian politics" (Ferreira & Omojola) to the same London venue at the same time.

  • Bottom Pics - Dapo Awokansire (a former member of the Civil Liberties Organisation - CLO) poses between Baba Omojola & Hauwa Shekarau of Nigerian FIDA.
  • Dancer/writer Funmi Adewole is between Dr. Paul Okojie (who gave a paper at the tribute event) and Dr. Ike Okonta.
  • In another pic, Okonta chats with the man he greeted with the words "legend' - Omojola.
  • Standing alone is poet Dike Chukwumerije who read 2 poems in tribute at the event.

*Photos by MW

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ababoypart2 said...

Chima Ubani will always be missed