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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

2007 Caine Prize

Monica Arac de Nyeko on her Caine shortlisted story, Jambula Tree...
"Jambula Tree is about loving against a very strong tide - society. Its just one of those stories that chooses you, you don’t choose it."

- read the interview.

E.C Osondu on his shortlisted story, Jimmy Carter's Eyes....
"Blindness, or the subject of blindness in fiction, has always fascinated me. From Jose Saramago’s novel of that title to Raymond Carver’s awesome short story, ‘Cathedral’. By the way, Carver used to teach here at Syracuse University and his ghost still roams the Hall of Languages. I also happen to have had a neighbour who is blind and I remember chuckling when I was moving into my apartment and there was this sign that said “Blind Person Area”. Still on this neighbour, he was anything but your typical blind man, if any such exists. The first time we met he told me a joke that was, to put it mildly, risqué - where did the 85-year-old man who just got married spend his honeymoon? At Viagra Falls! The story itself - ‘Jimmy Carter’s Eyes’ - is an attempt at allegory, which is all I can say about it."

- read the interview

  • Also shortlisted are Uwem Akpan, Ada Udechukwu & Henrietta Rose-Innes. Shortlisted writers will read @ the Purcell Room, London on Sunday 8 July (7.45pm) - as part of the London Literature Festival.
  • Caine winner is announced on Monday 9 July.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to read Osondu's words about his story. Look how he goes around telling all these mini stories about blindness in the process. I can see why they call some people storytellers! It would be great to read more from him.