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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Eko Metro

Lagos Tubemap... The Lagos Underground, if one existed, as envisioned by Jeremy Weate. He unveiled the network map some days ago on his blog and has been taking readers/viewers' comments. Jeremy has even incorporated a Light Railway for the marshy areas - a bit like the Docklands Light Railway in London. He also sees this as something that could come to fruition with the involvement of PPP (public-private patnership). Someone has suggested that even if this is just an 'underground' pipe dream, the blogger could still rake in the cash by mass producing the map as souvenirs. 'Lagos of the Future', then. Reminds me of an 18th century map of Africa - on leather - that I bought years and years ago and won't let go of. Why does Lagos have to have a Circle Line, is my question? It confuses me enough in London as it is, Jeremy. Full marks for imagination though.
  • Image © Jeremy Weate

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