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Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama who art from heaven

I was watching one of the US news networks some days back when I heard about Gerard Baker's satirical piece in The Times. Soon enough, Baker popped up on the screen to perform his piece, which narrates in Biblical terms Barack Obama's epic journey to the Democratic nomination and rapturous reception in Europe. The European leg of that journey reached fever pitch in Germany (not to mention a Sarkozy 'anointing' in France), and so it was interesting to see The Guardian's 'View from... Germany' cartoon published on Saturday.
Every weekend The Guardian has been publishing these very topical Cartoon 'views' from around the world. During the Zimbabwean re-election sham, there was one depicting a match in which every striker, defender, midfielder and goalkeeper on the field for both teams was Robert Mugabe himself! And on the weekend of 19th July there was a 'view from... Canada' on the Madiba's 90th birthday, in which Thabo Mbeki struggles like an ant in Nelson Mandela's mammoth shadow. Priceless.

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