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Friday, June 11, 2010

Keziah's Funkathon

This was perhaps the best moment of the Funkathon that was the Keziah Jones concert of a couple of hours ago, held at Terra Kulture in Lagos. Nearly all of this photograph is taken up by Keziah's self-made guitar, known as Rugged One. With the Nigerian coat of arms incorporated into the design Rugged One's a star in itself. But let's see who we've got here. L-R: Mike Aremu on saxophone, Duro Ikujenyo on the keyboard, Bez on the mic and Keziah's the one wielding the Rugged. The three musicians jammed while young Bez performed Fela's crowd-mover, 'Water No Get Enemy'. And the crown went for it, singing and dancing along.

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Anonymous said...

great great great great show....Keziah was live wire!!!!
Loved it!!!