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Friday, June 11, 2010

Quintessence Cafe

So, I was in Quintessence some days back, browsing through the art gallery section, the book shop area, the arts and crafts (from key rings to jewellery cases to tie-and-dye clothing) and selected a few things. There's always something new to discover, so much in one not particularly large outfit. And there it was, a new addition to Quintessence, by way of a quaint little cafe. Wonderful, I told the attendants. Just like Borders on London's Oxford Street (before it closed down - sigh) where you could browse through books all you wanted and then sit at the cafe for some croissants and tea, any excuse to hang around books all day. Some in Nigeria certainly could use some reminding to know that books are comfortable things to be around.
No sooner had I finished gushing than two men came in.
"Where's the cyber cafe?" one of them asked.
"Cyber cafe? There's no cyber cafe here," someone answered.
The men pointed to the door. "The sign outside said 'Cafe'." I was gobsmacked. Only in Nigeria would a sign saying 'cafe' be taken to mean nothing but an internet cafe!
Anyways, this is just to let folks know that if you're around Falomo Shopping Centre on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, you could always stop by the cafe inside Quintessence, or meet up with your peeps there.
Which reminds me: the other major arts place along Awolowo Road, the bookshop/record shop/events venue, Jazzhole - also doubles as an intimate restaurant/cafe.

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