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Monday, July 28, 2008

Down Botswana Way

[I] t was common place for the San/Bushmen to be referred to as Lesarwa/Masarwa; le-/ma- being the singular and plural in Setswana for a noun class that is mostly reserved for things. As time passed, it became politically incorrect to use such terms and now Mosarwa/ Basarwa are the correct terms to be used.

And not a lot of people outside Southern Africa knew that I'll wager. Want to know about the writing scene in Gaborone? What Lebo Mashile said in True Love SA? Or why the Media Practitioners Bill about to go through the Botswana Parliament will kill freedom of expression? Then Thoughts From Botswana, a blog by Motswana writer Lauri Kubuitsile, refreshes the parts Wordsbody cannot reach.


Lauri said...

AO! Molara- Thanks for that. What a dear you are! So giving to other writers. Your kharma must be overflowing.

Wordsbody said...

Been meaning to post about 'Thoughts From Botswana' for a while. But good intentions went to... Hoping the karma is good... Ta.