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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Adinkra: Farewell Message

Thanks to JG, for this account of the opening of Rebecca Gibbs' Adinkra exhibition (on display till 7th February)...

Further to the posting about Adinkra: Farewell Message an exhibition by Rebecca Gibbs currently running at Kuumba, Bristol.

The formal opening was well supported by Bristol's Black Community and friends. On that occasion, Almeria Cole of Kuumba introduced Rebecca who talked about the background to the exhibition and to some of the works on show.

'Rubber' provided background drum music, wine flowed and Paul Stevenson made an impromptu speech about the 'humanity' of Rebecca's work.

The event proved very timely in terms of assessing the lessons of Abolition 200, and as a follow up to the
Ghana - we can do better conference.

Kuumba, it transpired from Rebecca's speech, is facing a financial crisis following the announcement of cuts in Arts Council funding. Those concerned discussed possible courses of action and signed a petition.

On Sunday 21st, Rebecca was interviewed live about the exhibition on BBC Radio Bristol. Photographs have since been taken for the local press and an interview has been recorded by Lisa Baiden for a community radio station.

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