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Monday, March 24, 2008

Beyond Green

Through these windows,
what sees us and what we see
what cares, what scares
aware or oblivious, we have felt all.

these scattered and scarred details
have clothed our view in rainbows
and these windows,
subservient and silent
are witnesses to what we have seen.

We never run out of what’s there to see:
We'll see what massages the eye
We'll see what pricks hope
We'll see the crowns of thorns
that haunt our dreams.

Perhaps when the window gets tired

we will see what within
has always not been part of the view.
For now, the secret is:

we'll have to keep looking
Beyond the green hills of Nyanga
if ever we are to catch
up with fugitive hope.

© Emmanuel Sigauke
  • Beyond Green is used by permission.
  • Emmanuel Sigauke is the editor of Munyori Poetry Journal. Visit his blog, Moments in Literature.

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