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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Call for Nigerian Graphic Novels

I’m an editorial agent looking for Nigerian graphic novels to promote and eventually publish and distribute in Europe. A graphic novel is a type of comic book, usually with a lengthy and complex storyline similar to those of novels, and often aimed at mature audiences (Wikipedia definition). The term also encompasses short story anthologies, and in some cases bound collections of previously published series.

The emphasis is on quality artwork and narration. Congolese artists are amongst the best today and if you need to see their works, google one of the following names:

Religious bigotry, tedious moralising, sexism, racism, pornography, provincialism, men in tights, flying superheroes, ramboism, homophobia, etc. should be avoided. Think of a narrative that can cross geographic and cultural borders and be understood in Mongolia, Botswana and Guam (you don’t have to water it down to make it accessible).

If you need any references from Nigeria, think about the great works by Amos Tutuola, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Ben Okri, Chris Abani, Chimamanda Adichie and Helon Habila. Think of the music of Fela Kuti, Keziah Jones and Lagbaja. Check out Seth Tobocman’s ‘The curse of Nakedness’ which was inspired by the mess in the Niger Delta.

There are no technical limitations. Black and white or colour illustrations are accepted and works should be at least 36 pages long.

Scan (low definition obviously) about 4 pages of your graphic novel and forward it to
grafiknovel@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Francis M Bissong

PS: Spam merchants and 419ers should stay away. There’s no advance fee here.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea and I cant wait for this to be published. If you are interested in graphic novels check my friend Lance Tooks - An African American graphic novelist of some 20 years living in Spain. His work is amazing