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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Highlife at the Ojez

Here's the ageless Fatai Rolling Dollar (81 years old) performing at the Highlife Party (Elder's forum), held at the Ojez Club, in the Lagos Stadium on Sunday 31st August. This last edition was held to celebrate the 50th birthdays of 3 artistes: Kunle Ajibade of TheNEWS Magazine (writer and journalist), Horgan Ekong (graphic designer) and Arnold Udoka (dancer). The Highlife Party is a monthly event organized by CORA.

Caught in the act: Toyin Akinosho (right) of CORA cutting a rug. He writes the Artsville Column in the Sunday Guardian.

CNN was busy filming the proceedings.

Palmwine guitarist and Highlife veteran, Alaba Pedro, performed.
  • Images by MW


Ore said...

Welcome home, MW. I had no idea that you had moved to Lagos; and already you're at the hottest parties in town.

Wordsbody said...

Thanks, Ore. It's great to be here. I expect I'll run into you sometime soon.

As for being at the 'hottest' places, well, you know...;-)

Comb & Razor said...

man... how i've wanted to attend the Ojez highlife night. i keep on missing it even when i get the chance!

Bellemskey said...

The pic looks like Molara Wood.... Nice work with all your blogging and articles... Do you have info about when the next Olders Jam would be taking place in OJez... or how often do they Jam? I wld be visiting Naija soon and wld love to attend...


Wordsbody said...


Sorry, I do not appear anywhere in these photographs, since I was behind the camera.

The Elders' Highlife Forum is on every last Sunday of the month at Ojez.