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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Three by the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. Gill Schierhout (left) is so humble one almost forgot that her debut novel 'The Shape of Him' was on the 2010 shortlist for the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book (Africa Region). Plus there's her shortlisting for the 2008 Caine Prize for her short story The Day of the Surgical Colloquium. Mamle (middle) I've talked about in related posts. Then there's me (right).

Ovo Adagha (left) and I worked on the One World Anthology together; he now lives in the UK. Clifford Oluoch has published several books for children; and Nick Elam is famously of the Caine Prize, of course.

Caine Workshop participants by the Great Rift Valley. Samuel Munene works with The Kwani Trust in Nairobi; Valerie Tagwira currently lives in Britain while her fellow Zimbabwean, Novuyo Tshuma, is based in South Africa.


Lauri said...

Hi Molara!! You folks look beautiful! I hope you had a productive and glorious time.

Wordsbody said...

Thanks, Lauri. A productive and glorious time it definitely was. I proved to myself I could write the first draft of a short story in 3 days on this workshop - what a gift time is to the writer on such a workshop. No phone calls, no day job and definitely no Lagos traffic or petrol queues to contend with. A story that could take months to perfect was chiselled out in 10 days. Super.


Lauri said...

Yes, time is indeed a gift. We sort of acclimate to the interference so don't notice it until we get a chance away like that. Can't wait to see the stories. So many people in your group I can call friends, though cyber friends. I bet it was lovely to be together in the flesh.

Wordsbody said...

It was lovely, Lauri. It was.