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Monday, September 27, 2010

Julien Sinzogan at the October Gallery, London

Julien Sinzogan: Spirit Worlds
29th September – 6th November 2010

October Gallery presents Spirit Worlds, a bold new series of works by West African artist, Julien Sinzogan, in his premiere UK solo exhibition.

Sinzogan originally trained as an architect and his use of painted pen-and-ink displays the astonishing, technical sophistication of a master draughtsman. His work is as much about the transmigration of African ‘soul’ – the persistence of her dreams, visions, ideas and unique cultural identities - across the Atlantic to the New World beyond, as it is about the return of the spirits of slaves to the African shores.

To understand Sinzogan’s work requires a certain familiarity with ideas characteristically found amongst West African groups such as the Yoruba and Fon peoples of Nigeria and Benin. In “vodoun” – one of the chief religions of Benin, it is understood that there exists a permanent link between the visible world that we inhabit and the invisible world of the spirit ancestors; a link with those who have gone before us.

Sinzogan’s vision, like his complex interpenetrating portraits, is both subtle and extensive. The result, however, even given his uncompromising regard for the grim realities of those darkest times of history, is both affirmative and - somehow – incredibly uplifting.

Events: Across Boundaries
In October, St George's Bloomsbury and October Gallery will join forces to stage workshops and events.
Across Boundaries is in conjunction with the Bloomsbury Festival (Oct 22-24), the 'Big Draw' and Black History Month. For further information about the workshops go to www.octobergallery.co.uk/education

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