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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More from Stavanger

The group Women's Voice performing at Kapitell's opening ceremony.

Sefi Atta and Isioma Daniel @ the Stavanger Literature Festival in Norway.


Anonymous said...

There wasn't a comment box on the poem post so I am leaving it here.

Thank you for posting my work, my friend. I feel your blog when I visit. It has that special something that weaves inside me. The pictures of this post, for instance, they seem to be a life that has existed with me for some time. I think it is as much you as it is the subjects. Your soul, I feel, is an "old soul" as they say.

Thank you again.


(By the way...any time you are ready to guest post on Poetic Justice just say the word and it will be done.)

Wordsbody said...


Thanks for your encouraging comments. Darfur Down; the pleasure is mine.

I agree with your comments on the pictures from Stavanger. I did not take these pics however, they were snapped by Isioma Daniel; kudos to her.


Anonymous said...

you might like this.its about technology in africa,not art,but they enable each other